Q: What is Ligne Roset's commitment to eco-design and sustainability?

Eco-design aims to introduce strict environmental criteria to the design of a product when it is first created. This entails:

  • Identifying the environmental issues associated with the product for the duration of its life cycle

  • Limiting the impact on the environment at the production stage

  • Designing the product in such a way that the materials of which it is composed can be easily recycled

The FCBA (Forêts, Cellulose, Bois et Ameublement) has produced several recommendations and proposals to assist manufacturers in formulating their environmental approach; Ligne Roset is dutifully committed and exclusively uses Bois d'origine PESC*,European wood products such as oak, walnut, ash and beech originating from ecologically-managed forests.

*Bois d’origine PESC is equivalent to the U.S.’ Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)--certified wood.