Clean Air
Panels and Particleboard

All particleboard panels used for cabinetry meet the requirements of emissions grade E1 (for formaldehyde), meaning that they do not exceed the threshold value of 0.01 ppm set by the French Ministry of Health. Panels have been checked under current analysis and carry the CTBA certification dated January 2, 2006. Our particleboard contains no fungicides, biocides, heavy metals nor halogenated compounds.


In the case of finished products, all panels fall well below the prescribed limits of formaldehyde emissions, since they are veneered not only on both faces, but also on all four edges. We do not use PVC edging (difficult to recycle; emits toxic fumes when burnt).


For bedding purposes we use high-quality foams from Recticel, which are guaranteed CFC-free and certified CertiPUR*. The allocation of this mark notably guarantees either the total absence of heavy metals, or their use within strict limits. Foams certified in this way will therefore emit no toxic substances during the course of their life.