A Clean, Toxic-Free Environment
Q: Does Ligne Roset use hazardous materials or create hazardous waste?

By virtue of 'clean' manufacturing, our furniture and upholstery do not let off gases or create toxic waste in consumer’s homes. We only use products and materials recommended by the FCBA (Forêts, Cellulose, Bois et Ameublement), that comply with all European norms.

Adhesives for polyurethane foam

In 2004, we were among the very first in the industry to substitute solvent-based glues with the water-based variety. These 'clean' glues also make it easier to clean equipment and tools, in particular spray guns. And, of course, less product cleaning means less residue and therefore less pollution.

Adhesives for wood veneer

We use vinyl glues which have no impact on the environment and can easily be cleaned off tools and machinery by simply rinsing with water.