Richard Fard studied interior architecture and design along with Blandine Dubos at the ├ęcole Camondo, from which he graduated with 'mention du jury' in 2003. He began his career as a designer by assisting in the creation of new commercial concepts such as the Sexodrome, Paris and Sun City, a new-concept Indian spa.

He also often works with other designers on projects such as the Unesco stand at the ITB, Berlin, the latest Mod's Hair Beauty salon, St-Quentin, and the 'Jos├ęphine 5D' light. Along with a hand-picked creative team he has recently been working on a totally new and innovative concept for a sports club in Paris, which comprises a lounge bar, restaurant, fitness room and spa: the 'Foot-in Club' opened its doors in June 2006.

He has also worked on the design of the new Mirella boutique in Paris, and on numerous other projects, in which he attempts to express all his creative desires.
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