The agency also focuses heavily on sustainability, viewing this as an integral part of each project, whether this means designing products which will last a lifetime in terms of quality and longevity, or adopting an approach which blends sustainability with a holistic approach. A good example is his large capsule seat, on which the more traditional upholstery, with its multiple layers of materials, is replaced by a light shell in recycled PET felt which has magnificent acoustic properties and a small carbon footprint thanks to its stackable transport-friendly design. The agency is also interested in helping regional and struggling industries, whether this means supporting the ceramics industry in the United Kingdom or the cork industry, a highly ecological sector which is seeing its key market disappear as a result of the new plastic stoppers.
Benjamin Hubert also focuses on the user's perceptions of materiality, contesting preconceptions in terms of context or usage. A good example : his heavy lights collection of concrete lights with their fine shades inspired by the ceramics industry, which are made by a specialist factory in Germany. In creating a more refined, elegant structure and then illuminating it, the project aims to elevate the user's perception of material value, instead of viewing concrete as a low-value architectural product.
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