The ambition of Gualtiero Sacchi is to design objects for the general public. His wish is to express clarity, simplicity of function and joy.

Since becoming a designer, his gamble has always been the same : to demonstrate that the function of an object can also pass through playful, multifunctional territories, following the thread of reasoning rather than just a graphic concept.

Interactivity and humour are utilised as instruments to come into contact with the object which is to become a discreet presence in our daily lives.

Practical, adaptable, captivating objects, they reflect not only the personality of their creator but also the identity of the companies which manufacture and distribute them.

He is currently working with companies such as Bart Design, Green, Progetti, Bosa Ceramiche, Red Bull, Esedra, Aqus and Viabizzuno, and designs for Max Mara, Suzuki and Casamood.
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