Katriina Nuutinen was born in 1983, in Helsinki, Finland. She obtained her masters in 2011 from the School of Arts & Design at Aalto University, Helsinki. Nuutinen's work has been exhibited as far afield as Tokyo, Paris, Stockholm, Milan and New York. In 2010 she founded her own design studio, Muotoilustudio Katriina Nuutinen. In 2011 she was named Finnish Talent of the Year at the MUOTO2011 gala in Helsinki. She is a founder member of the Kaamos, a Finnish designer collective.
Her Hely jewel-light earned the title of 'most beautiful product' at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2009 and currently forms part of the collection at the Finnish Glass Museum. Delicate Hely, made of glass, demonstrates Katriina's expertise with materials and her creative flair. She has specialized in glass and ceramics, but is also inspired by experimenting with wood, metals and textiles. Her latest experiment with materials was the Vakka leather containers, which she designed for Ligne Roset with Anna Palomaa. Nuutinen has mainly designed lights, decorative accessories and tableware, although she has an increasing fascination for concept design and also furniture design.

Anna Palomaa was born in 1979 in Lapland, Finland and works in Helsinki. She graduated from the Aalto University School of Art and Design Helsinki in 2011.
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