Born on May 2nd 1963 in Tel Aviv, at 27 he left his surf shop behind for Europe. Switzerland was his first destination where he studied Industrial Design from Art Center Europe. Graduating with distinction in 1991, he was awarded the `best product' award from Seiko Epson (an international Art Center award).

1993 he met Pippo Lionni, an instant friend with whom he founded L Design in 1996. The company is based on their guiding principles of excellence in design with a light hearted approach.

Arik Levy's clients include amongst other Vitra, Visplay, Ligne Roset, Desalto, ic_berlin, Balleri Italia, Gaia &Gino, Cinna, Dietiker.

He is one of Ligne Roset's leading accessories designers and has recently made his first foray into the world of upholstery design with the Balto bed settee.