I have travelled and lived all over the world since leaving the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Gand. Brussels, Paris, Moscow, New York, Marrakesh, Jaipur, the desert' it is knowledge of the world, its cultures and their riches which inspires me.

In Moscow, I am impassioned by art, and dream up my first patchwork duvet covers. An immediate success'

In Marrakesh, I design striped sabra scarves, I tell myself, 'see how it goes', and their success is such that it leads me to create the brand MIA ZIA, which very quickly becomes a name to be reckoned with in household linens.

In Jaipur, I embroider the bodywork of a car in coloured thread, which I then sell to the Samode hotel.

Always on the lookout for ancestral techniques to rework, in the course of my travels, my encounters, I decorate, create, manufacture, reinvent...
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