Dwell February 2014 - Ploum by R. & E. Bouroullec
01 February, 2014

Ploum by R. & E. Bouroullec


Ploum is the ideal sofa or loveseat for moments when one truly wants to relax alone or with friends. It is warm and comforting to the eye and soft to the touch. A lot of research went into Ploum’s creation. It was even likened, by the Bouroullec brothers, to “a ripe, voluptuous piece of fruit.” A single piece of upholstery, encompassing two layers of high resilience Bultex® foam quilted together with thick polyester wadding between them, covers the entire piece, including the feet. Its slightly inward angle creates a cozy arrangement suitable for sitting, stretching out, and lying down. Ploum is quite remarkable in terms of both style and comfort. Ploum is available in a range of colors in Mood, Spirit, and Bifoam fabrics.

The Wall Street Journal February 2014 - Cosse by Philippe Nigro
01 February, 2014

Cosse by Philippe Nigro

Comfort is, the source of inspiration for the Cosse sofa, but also constitutes Ligne Roset’s hard-earned expertise: the ability to use the necessary techniques and optimize the materials, in order to preserve the feeling of lightness. For example, the use of the minimum thickness of materials and discreet frames to create the lightest and most simple forms possible.

It is by mastering the constraints of continuous production, together with the optimization of techniques and materials, that work on the form is truly liberated. Cosse has a welcoming shape with soft contours and a thin, soft cover supported by a fine natural-wood structure.

The New York Times January 2014 - Calin by Pascal Mourgue, Multy by Claude Brisson, Anda by Pierre Paulin, and Prado by Christian Werner
30 January, 2014

Calin by Pascal Mourgue


Calin offers the outstanding comfort you would expect from a pillow. Bultex® foam, fixed or adjustable back, aluminum lacquered steel feet and removable cover with distinct pillow detail create this soft and casual collection. The fireside chair comes in two sizes.


Multy by Claude Brisson


Multy is a uniquely designed sofa bed collection. All elements, two sofas and a loveseat, incorporate three positions: upright, inclined, and down. The thick foam cushion and birch slats provide outstanding comfort, while a simple mechanism makes transitioning effortless. Multy offers optional lumbar cushions and armrests, which pivot to allow the bed to be easily unfolded.


Anda by Pierre Paulin


The elegance of Anda is apparent in its curves, which envelope the body beautifully. Its comfort comes from elastic webbing suspension and Bultex® foam. This armchair is available either fixed or swiveling and in both high and low back versions.


Prado by Christian Werner

Prado consists of a vast bench seat that can be combined and adjusted as desired, and onto which back cushions can be freely placed, so that one can sit or lie down as they wish. It offers complete freedom as these cushions, weighted and equipped with a non-slip system, do not need to be rested against or attached to any object for support. It is possible to imagine placing them on the floor for a lazy moment around a coffee table.