Dwell Winter 2014 - Togo by Michel Ducaroy
01 January, 2014

Togo by Michel Ducaroy


A Ligne Roset classic, Michel Ducaroy’s Togo has been the ultimate in comfort and style for over forty years. The timeless collection features ergonomic design with multiple density foam construction and quilted covers, making each piece both visually attractive and physically inviting. Available as a sofa with or without arms, a loveseat, a corner seat, a chair, and an ottoman. In 2007, Ligne Roset introduced its first ever kids collection which includes a mini version of the Togo chair. In 2013 the Togo collection was completed with a two-seat lounge.

Design Milk December 2013 - Ruche by Inga Sempe
30 December, 2013

Ruché by Inga Sempé


Ruché incorporates an ideal blend of minimalism and sophistication, rigidity and comfort. Its name is derived from a sewing technique, in which fabric is gathered or pleated, creating a ruching effect. A thin yet strong structure in natural varnished-, anthracite-, or red-stained beech forms its foundation, upon which rests a seat whose distinct quilting lies at the heart of its design. Although it appears that the seat has simply been thrown over the structure, it is actually held to the frame. The result is simple yet fi ne-tuned, a harmonious union of straight lines and soft curves.

Surface December 2013 - Tolbiac by´╗┐ Gregoire de Lafforest
01 December, 2013

Tolbiac by Gregoire de Lafforest


Tolbiac is a book shelf with an asymmetrical design: the 4 bottommost shelves protrude from the base of an end unit distinguishing them from the rest of the bookcase. The front edge is worked into a helix so that it follows the same slope as the side panel which protrudes from the wall, giving the entire bookcase a clean, uninterrupted look. The end piece can be oriented to the right or left, depending on personal preference. This element of the system, which can stand alone, can also be expanded with additional straight edge modules. Tolbiac is available in natural or black oak veneer. Available in two standard heights, or may be customized in between.