These vases in cut and shaped paper have been the cause of much excitement in Japan, even to the extent of having a book dedicated to them. They can be used purely decoratively, or as a cachepot, waste basket, gift-wrap, etc.
The idea is that each person can create their desired shape by drawing out the various edges of the sheet of perforated paper to a greater or lesser extent. The colored motifs on each face create a different visual impression depending on the way in which the paper is shaped and the angle from which it is viewed. The motifs offered here are exclusive to Ligne Roset. Pocket containing 3 x AIRVASE. Paper vase which needs to be unfolded and shaped. Height varies by max. +/- 9 1/2''/24 cm, depending on the shape.


H: 9.5''
Ø: 7.5''

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