-TV unit with niches for peripherals, the cabling for which runs behind the shelf and central panel; peripherals may therefore be linked if necessary. Back panels are fitted with round cable ports. Internal shelf is adjustable, with a choice 2 positions. Top may be fitted with optional rectangular cable port. Feet in textured stainless steel. Max. load: 70 kg.
-2-door chest which transforms into a desk. The top surface is mounted on pivots and castors, allowing it to unfold circularly towards the right or left. Once fully open and perpendicular to the chest, the top presents a width of 49 1/4'' and a depth of 21 1/2'', thus seating 2 persons. 2 chests (1 right + 1 left) may be placed side by side, thus doubling the depth to 43 1/4'' and creating a table capable of accommodating 4 persons. A chest is designated `left' when the pivoting top is located to its left when in closed position, and when viewed from the front.
-4-door sideboard which transforms into a dining table. The two upper half-tops are mounted on pivots and castors, allowing them to unfold circularly - 1 to the right and the other to the left. Once fully open and perpendicular to the sideboard, they create a table of width 49 1/4'' and depth 43 1/4'' which can accommodate 4 persons.


H: 30''
W: 98.5''
D: 21.75''



H: 33''
D: 21.75''
SH: 86.5''

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