Nils sofa offers a visually fluffy look that is particularly welcoming. Volumes are harmonious and balanced with low general lines. Their simplicity is offset by their soft appearance and the sophistication of the seams used: mixing simple seams and edge-to-edge seams on the frame gives Nils a ''tailored'' spirit tinged with casual elegance.


H: 24.5''
W: 37.75''
D: 33.75''
SH: 13.75''


W: 35.5''
D: 40.25''
SH: 13.75''

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3 cross layer laminated panels and plywood with polyether foam overlaid. The entire frame is also overlaid with a compartmentalized pad of new goose feathers (10% down, 90% feathers) compressibility H 88 mm. Invisible legs of black polypropylene: available in two heights 1 1/4'' (3 cm) or 2 3/4'' (7 cm).

Suspension of the seat by Bonnel biconical steel wire springs connected to each other. Integrated seat cushions of high resilience polyurethane Bultex foam 36 kg/m3 - 2,8 kPa with a Bultex layer of comfort 38 kg/m3 - 2,8 kPa. To ensure the longevity and optimize comfort (no crushing under the knee and no effect of lateral tilting), each seating position is reinforced in front by a high resilience polyurethane foam 50 kg/m3 - 6,3 kPa and by a foam Bultex 42 kg/m3 - 4,8 kPa on each of its sides. Seat cushion covered on its top and front sides by a highly compartmentalized pad of new goose feathers (10% down 90% feathers). For example, the sofa has 16 compartments in each of its 2 seats and 3 compartments in each front side: based on its location, each compartment receives one of the 5 specific feather weights to optimize the volume and durability of the body. Finally, to avoid the 'balloon' effect at the very moment one sits down, micro-holes in breathable canvas between the compartments allow air to circulate freely - but not the feathers! -. Suspension of backrest of Bultex foam 36 kg/m3 - 2,8 kPa foam and polyurethane foam high resilience 50 kg / m 3 - 6,3 kPa. Backrest cushions (except Chair) of compartmentalized new goose feathers (10% down 90% feathers). The front and back ends of each armrest - overlaid with feathers - are also reinforced.

Sophisticated association of 3 types of seams: simple and edge-to-edge seams for frames, double-needle sewing for backrest cushions. Cover completely removable (except for leather and microfibers). Seat, backrest and armrest blocks easily unassembled (facilitates delivery or moving if needed).