In Japan, the okumi is a piece of fabric worn in front of the kimono. The back's stitching and upholstery evoke a kimono garment, as if casually thrown onto the armchair structure which it elegantly ''skirts''. The workmanship of this back and armrests cover shows off deep folds which give it its ''haute couture'' look and at the same time lightness and a bulging relief, a visual expression of comfort. This cape cover, which is a real tailor's feat, is one- piece: dyed in one or two colors, the lined fabric effect visible on the reverse side and in the deep folds of its petticoat accentuates its preciousness. Finally, the impression of comfort is further amplified by the generous seat cushion produced without seat/front fascia joint stitching which reinforces the welcoming volume.


H: 28.5''
W: 33.75''
D: 32.75''
SH: 17''

$2,480 - $3,335
$3,205 - $4,665
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Solid beech structure and base (dyed black, charcoal or red) assembled by thread whirling, reinforced by a mechanically welded steel structure. Legs with protective pads.

Seat suspension with crossed elastic webbing and backrest suspension with elastic webbing. Seat cushions in 38 kg/m3 / 3.6 kPa high resilience polyurethane Bultex foam overlaid with 200 g/m2 polyester quilting. Back with an integrated cushion with a 26 kg/m3 / 1,4 kPa Bultex foam structure overlaid with 200 g/m2 polyester quilting and a fabric cape quilted with a combination of 26 kg/m3 / 1.4 kPa Bultex and 100 g/m2 polyester quilting.

Model with fully removable covers.