360 Degrés

A modern and elegant expression of the mobility and flexibility expected from the objects that surround us. The larger table top is fixed while the smaller top rotates around a post.The post being offset, this allows to hide the small top under the larger one or to make it visible. In an open position with the small top extending the length of the large top, the footprint is 49 3/4'' x 23 1/2'' (126,5 cm x 60 cm). When the small top is parallel to the large top, the footprint is 35 1/2'' x 36 1/2'' (90 cm x 93 cm). The max load supported by the large top is 20 kg and 7 kg for the small top. Steel framework and silk white lacquered MDF tops.


H: 15.25''
W: 23.5''
L: 35.5''

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