In 2013, Philippe Nigro continues the idea of the design he developed with the INSEPARABLE and CUTS models by applying it this time to the coffee table: a flat surface is transformed by cuts that are used to define 4 separate tops placed at 3 different heights (6 3/4'' - 17 cm, 9 3/4'' - 25 cm and 12 1/2'' - 32 cm). The angle of the two cross-cuts is 28 °. The irregular architecture of the resulting coffee table contrasts with its molded expanded polyurethane (only 1/4'' - 8 mm) fineness and its immaculate whiteness for a more than attractive result: the different dimensions and levels of the tops are practical and the cuts can be used as magazine racks. Each of its four sides offers a different profile but an always remarkable lightness, like a paper plane.
Coffee table thickness 1/4'' - 8 mm of silk white lacquered molded expanded polyurethane, reinforced by a steel frame.


H: 12.5''
W: 39.25''
D: 39.25''

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