Hide & Seek

Hide & Seek is a complete, modular and customizable wardrobe system for the bedroom, a beautiful synthesis of design and function.
Behind the hinged or coplanar sliding doors (available in several flat-fronted or framed gloss lacquered or satin lacquered finishes), the various internal fitting options provide an elegant response to all bedroom storage requirements. The open bays, located at either end of a composition, lend a touch of personality and originality to the finished product.
Choose a height between 921/2''/235cm and 1021/2''/260cm (with half-inch gradations) and, for perfect integration, a wall-to-wall option is also available for the width. It is also possible to combine different colors for the fronts, structure and shelves.
Hide & Seek is available in gloss white lacquer (doors only), satin white lacquer (with a framed effect on doors), mastic or argile.


H: 92.5''
W: 137''
D: 24.5''

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