Derive 2

It was to celebrate his 60th birthday in 1985 that Claude Pompidou offered her friend Pierre Boulez a rocking armchair she commissioned from Pierre Paulin. Ligne Roset decided to produce this rocking armchair (initially created privately in two copies) for the first time in 2012 from Pierre Paulin's original drawings. Its name, ''Dérive 2'', is taken from one of his musical works, and was chosen in tribute to Pierre Boulez. The smooth shape of its tilting structure discretely evokes the musical universe of a harp or a tuning fork.
To reinforce its homely and warm character and to get even closer to its Scandinavian inspiration, Ligne Roset has chosen to treat its charcoal wood structure and to associate it with a comfortable seat and back padding. The whole chair thus offers light, fluid and elegant lines evoking movement at first sight, even when not moving.


H: 37.5''
W: 22.5''
D: 39.25''
SH: 17.75''

Pricing Policy

Wing ears in single-piece silver birch multi-ply with dyed beech veneer, joined together with six solid beech crosspieces. MDF seat and back assembled with steel brackets. Floor contact with black rubber sections.

Seat and back in high density polyurethane Bultex foam (42 kg/m3 / 4.8 kPa) overlaid with 100 g/m2 polyester quilting. Carefully designed seatback, ergonomic curve in the backrest highlighting the lumbar cushion and the headrest, carefully positioned rounded armrests. The rocking balance has been attentively examined.

Seat and back cushions maintained in place by removable Velcro strips.

Dyed charcoal structure. Single-color covering.