Items in the BOOK&LOOK range are made from lacquered or veneered panels - 0''1/2 (10 mm) thick in the case of shelving units, or 0'' 3/4 (19 mm) for chests.
PODIUM (Small, Medium, Large)
This chest is always positioned on top of a base, to be ordered separately. Shelving units (maximum of 2 across its width) may be located on top of the chest, as can a wall panel of the same width, incorporating a TV support and/or a tray (D 17'' 1/4 or D 21'' 3/4 ). However, a second podium cannot be positioned on top of the first. Where the podium is to be used without a wall panel, the top of the podium may be equipped with 1 cable port (optional), the location of which is always central (small podium) or may be equipped with 2 cable ports (optional), the precise location of which is to be specified at time of ordering.