NoƩ Duchaufour-Lawrance

The Torii armchair was originally designed for the Japanese restaurant Megu, in the Alpina hotel in Gstaadt, a project inspired by traditional Japanese houses, temples and antique kimonos. It has been significantly redesigned for this home version, maintaining a subtle reference to that culture, with a sensitive and gentle line. The framework of the armchair is completely apparent and contributes to its elegance. Its tapered solid beech posts lean on the outside of the back and armrests. The cushions forming the seat, the back and the armrests appear gently posed within the structure. They evoke the Zabuton, the Japanese cushions which, laid down on a tatami, are used in all daily activities within the home.


Height: 31.5''
Width: 27.5''
Depth: 25.5''
Seat Height: 17.25''


Width: 19.75''
Depth: 17.75''
Seat Height: 17.25''